Rift War

On the Run!
The invasion has started, the PCs must escape capture.

I. Return to Strange Goings On.

A. Upon returning to the town of Winterhaven, the party is accosted by a force of Humans and Dragonborn wearing black and gold livery of a Fluer de Lis Or on a Field Sable Border Shield Or. They claim to be from the from the west, from the palace of the Duke of Arislund (DC10 History: The local Duchy, though the livery colors don’t match). The lead Human, a man named Olaf Firebeard, asks the party what they know about “The Sleeper”. The party knows nothing, is asked to peace-knot thier swords and is allowed to enter into the town. Olaf says “May the Flame Breath Upon Thee,” as a blessing of passage.

B. Valthrun, the Scholar approaches the party and asks that they meet at midnight in his tower.

a. The party passes up the 4 flights of stairs and almost knocks over a vase of a Man riding a Silvery Dragon. The man’s hands are aflame.

b. Val pulls out an ancient tome; a treatise on the Magic of Space and Time, written by the greatest Eldhath wizard of the modern Age K. Thorne and his apprentices A. Wheeler and Misner. “It is well known that Thorne had the gift of prophecy, the problem was that his gift was so obscure, and so frequent, that nobody has ever figured it out!” pp. 500, 509, 498 “Not to mention, his prophecy would come to him only while writing and is strangely interspersed within his books. It’s a bit of a joke really, trying to figure out what’s prophecy and what’s the wandering mind of an eccentric Elf.”

When the flame breathes, the Sleeper must be awoken for its final gift beneath the Halls of the Lost CraftThane

c. The Lost CraftThane was the ruler of the Dwarven city of Throsgorod. He went down into the bowels of the Earth in search of the legendary Deep Treasure. He never returned and the city was left leaderless and without hope. After a series of devastating attacks by the Undergoblins, the city was abandoned. Throsgorod is a few days to the West.

d. The party hears a crash and a skittering sound. The vase outside the door has been shattered and a shadowy figure is running down the stairs. Val yells “You must run! Get away from here, the enemy knows too much now!” In a whisper he says, “You must head towards the town of Archimole. It sits at the foot of the entrance to the Dwarven city.”

C. Skill Challenge: Escape from Winterhaven! a. 6 Successes before 3 failures. b. Primary: Athletics, Streetwise DC12 c. Secondary: A successful DC14 Bluff check will allow an immediate Athletics or Streewise check at +2. d. Tertiary: Any other skill, with good reason and role-playing. DC14 one success. e. No Secondary or Tertiary skill can be used more than once. No Character may attempt two checks in a row. f. Failure: i. A search party hears them and is now on their trail. ii. The search party sees them and they must lose them again (add one success requirement) iii. The search party attacks! Use Dragonborn Attack! encounter.

D. Interlude: While travelling west, the party stops one night at an encampment littered with artifacts similar to ones they’ve seen in the dungeon and amongst the goblins.

II. Archimole

A. Archimole is named for [[Archimole’s Folly]], a human wizard conjured up a demon (from the Shadowfell) and almost destroyed the town. He managed to slay the beast, but at the cost of his own life.

B. Asking around about the Dwarven city will lead the party to Petra, a priestess of Bahamut. She can tell about undergoblins and where to find the entrance to the city, including a secret entrance.

III. Throsgorod A. As the party enters the secret passage, they see a harrowing sight: a huge winged shape flying high above the ground, and beneath that, the torches of an army! They are headed this way. The party doesn’t have much time!

B. Living Statues

a. Stopping to rest, the party activates two protective guardians, fighting stone with magic and iron… which whill decide the day!?

C. Shadow Demons

a. Since Archimole’s Folly, Throsgorod has become inhabited by denizens of the Shadowfell, here, a Lurker and his two pets make their homes in an ancient Dwarven crypt.

D. Interlude: CHASE!

Skill Challenge: Escape from the Wraith A huge, hulking, translucent form approaches from down a corridor to the east. You see two glowing eyes and not much else. It rushes into attack and your weapons do nothing to it! [Rand Player]: You are touched by the shadowy figure and your body chills and your bones ache. Screaming sounds like a good idea right about now.

a. 4 Successes before 3 failures.

b. Primary: Athletics, Dungeoncraft DC15

c. Secondary: A successful DC17 Bluff check will allow an immediate Athletics or Dungeoncraft check at +2.

d. Tertiary: Any other skill, with good reason and role-playing. DC14 one success. e. No Secondary or Tertiary skill can be used more than once. No Character may attempt two checks in a row.

f. Failure:

i. 1d4 Damage to [Rand Player]

ii. 1d4 Damage to [Rand Player]

iii. 1d4 Damage to [Rand Player] and the Wraith leaves in search of easier prey. The players are hopelessly lost.

E. Goblin Warriors

a. The Goblins are here at the behest of the denizens of the Keep on the Shadowfell, looking for the Gifts of Prophecy. The Goblins are obviously out of place and quite scared. The battle takes place in an ancient dwarven armory and both the Goblins and the party activate ancient protective magics!

F. Dragonborn-Again!

a. The fight begins when the party comes up on a group of Dragonborn looting a mercantile section of Throsgrorod. A tavern, two shops and a glassmakers set the stage for a fight between the party and 2 Dragonblight Swordmages accompanied by a Dragonblight Soldier.

IV. The Final Fight A. You da Boss!

a. The sound of fighting in the merchant quarter draws the attention of Icerend, the lieutenant in charge of finding The Sleeper. With barely time to catch their breath, can the party defend themselves against a White Dragon and his minions?

V. Argentomas

A. “Friends! I have waited long for you to arrive. My time draws near. It is given to every Dragon to know the hour of his death and mine is upon me. You are here to receive the gifts prophecied to you. For centuries I have waited, hidden here with the help of the CraftThanes of Throsgorod. The ancient compact that drove my kind from this plane may have been broken, because for the first time, I sense my Kin about the world! Only by sacrificing my gold and my life-force have I been able to remain hidden, even from the Gods themselves. Waiting, I have been, waiting to fulfill my part of the Prophecy. At times I despaired as I watched my hard-earned horde dwindle to power my wards. You may have what is left, for I will never need it again. [Hand out Treasure]

I will now tell you the phrases, the Gift! that I have kept within my heart for 10,000 years and more, ever since I traveled to the Fortress of Light to hear the words of the Seeress of Khalwan:

Jac’Lorath’an of the Queens Court, you are the Royal Tiger, one destined to master those who promised never to serve again. A family secret is buried in the mists between two fonts of chaos. Despair may claim you before you rise to assume your birthright.

Roberta the Halfling, you are Magic’s Protector, who’s inner darkness will bring the world to it’s knees before giving rise to new hope. Power and glory will be yours, but are you willing to pay the price?

Human Broderick, you are the Wild Man, destined to bridge two realms bitterly opposed. Will your inborn human strength be enough to hold you together, or will Fey and Mundane tear you apart?

Baldrock of Vallenwood, you are the Forest’s Friend, charged with protecting your homeland, and bright light is in your future, whether the it is the burning boles of your failure or the light of peace is something only you can decide.

Balasar, Doom’s Savior, Dealing with failure endangers self-confidence. Order and Chaos, mundane and magic, through betrayal will you unite two houses long divided.

This is what I have lived my life for: to tell you those words. I was branded a traitor to my kind for hiding from the ravages of the Timewars, hunted like a common rodent! I would have sacrificed more than just my Honor to fulfill such a magnificent Gease, but the Gods’ are truly merciful and asked no more of me. But know this, had it been other than you who met me here today, I would have been soulbound to tell Icerend and Mirebite their Gift. Enough! You are here my friends, and I have much more to tell you. Ten thousand years is time enough to plan, and if you seek it, I will offer some advice for the time to come.

Some four hundred years ago, by what magic I do not know, a dragon was born not far from here. She was not affected at all by the burden of The Pact, and was able to roam freely where none of my kind could. She was as beautiful a creature as has ever lived, her scales shone golden in the sun! Her eyes were as bright as rubies! The Ald’Herim could not tolerate this and their machinations brought about her cruel and painful death just outside Wanterhiven as it was called in those days. Her death created a softness in the world, where the Shadowfell was allowed to creep. Men were powerless to stop it and eventually, these lands lost their Men to vile creatures from, and because of, the Realm of Darkness. Now, the Ald’Herim seek to exploit the weakness in the world to create a bridge between Darkness and Light. You must not let this come to pass. To do so will doom all of Zharillia to winter eternal as the Shadowfell melds with this land. As long as even one portal remains closed, the Ald’Herim cannot completely envelop this world. This is your First Task.

The year of my birth saw the creation of the fabled city of Osiath, the First City of the Elves, newly arrived in Zharillia via the Rainbow Bridge. Ten thousand years and more have I lived, and like all others after it, Osiath too fell to the ravages of time and ossification. It’s Mythal was once the most powerful ever imagined: it is said that to power it for one hour took the combined effort of 10 Archmagi in their primes! The ruins of Osiath lie below Winterhaven, though even the Elves don’t remember this fact anymore. Perhaps, with some skill and some luck, you could activate it again and create a safe haven from the coming front. There you will find the tattered remnants of the Library, once the greatest collection of knowledge in Zharillia. The World grows dark, its summertime has long past and a frost is soon to settle upon it. A Winter’s Haven you will truly need in the days to come! This is your Second Task.

For your Third Task, You must travel past the great Elven city of Valenwood, far to the North, across the Icy Tundra of The White Death, to find the last refuge of The Seekers. They have stored, in secret, what was forbidden long ago by pact for just this day. Go to them, learn from them, and return to save this land.”

B. “I hear my kin closing in on us, you must fly! There is an exit close by, hurry! I will keep them… occupied. FLY!”


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